Sat on a mountain top with nature in all its grandeur laid out before the couple. They wanted the world to be fixed, rid of its human pestilence.  A lifetime’s work meant their wish would soon come true. She held… Read More ›

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  • Machine

    The machine was meant to be infallible. Programmed to produce a new worker droid every hour. Non-violent, for domestic tasks. It had a glitch and for a year had been building psychotic killers hell bent on annihilating humanity. Their internal… Read More ›

  • Release

    The abbey had a secret crypt unknown for millenia. Hundreds of stone coffins laid out across its floor.  The day came for the warriors, knights and wizards to be released.  The world needed order, wars won and evil subdued. One… Read More ›

  • Corner

    Waiting in the corner of people’s dreams was a cunning way to get to them.  He killed people for a living. Having them die in their sleep aroused little suspicion.  Until tonight he thought he was the only one with… Read More ›

  • Silent

    His favourite place for a break was a storeroom in the basement. It was silent when the building above and outside world was manic.  Microfilm of every major newspaper ever published. What a thrill it was to close his eyes… Read More ›

  • Measure

    It was only when they decided to measure the building that things began to make sense. It was twice as big on the outside as in.  What would a government intelligence agency need a building with fifty per cent extra… Read More ›

  • Treasure

    The child had a gift, no one knew. When she went walking with her family she looked for treasure.  On beaches, fields or woodland. Broken pot, glass or old iron fragments. She collected them.  Holding them, she could feel the… Read More ›

  • Melody

    Sitting in the cavernous derelict building, the melody was the only sound he could hear. In a harsh concrete building, with beautiful music playing in his earbuds.  Not where he’d thought his life would end. The Contagion had been burning… Read More ›

  • Alter

    He met his alter ego one night in a bar in the city.  He thought it would be fun to hang out with him. Soon he realised that the other version of him was a monster.  A cruel, calculating psychopath…. Read More ›

  • Stalwart

    A stalwart of the government who over the years had become something of a fixer. Political scandals needed some creative thinking. This time though he was stuck.  There was no glossing over the despicable nature of the upcoming group. Killing… Read More ›

  • Melody

    The melody drew him deeper into space.  He’d started the composition, his computer seemed to be finishing it. He was transfixed as the sounds of space merged with his tune.  The music still plays, he’s long gone. When he heard… Read More ›